Advocating for Sustainability: bluemedia’s Eco-friendly Initiative



    In an era where climate change concerns dominate news headlines, it is increasingly crucial to be mindful of our actions and their impact on the environment. bluemedia is dedicated to adopting responsible practices and promoting sustainability in every aspect of its operations. Our commitment goes beyond simply reducing our carbon footprint; it's about establishing a model for environmentally friendly business practices that others can emulate.

    Reusing Signage for a Better Tomorrow

    At bluemedia, we view sustainability not merely as a trendy term but as an absolute necessity. We are unwavering in our quest to create solutions that cater to our customers' requirements while also making a positive contribution to our planet.

    bluemedia's initiative to give signage a new lease of life marks the start of their commitment to sustainability. Following the celebrations of Super Bowl LVII, Terry Gellenbeck from Keep Phoenix Beautiful identified an opportunity to repurpose the massive vinyl banners instead of relegating them to waste. These banners, once the cynosure of all eyes, are now used to protect gardens and support local vegetable farmers. It's a brilliant concept to repurpose something transient into a long-term community benefit.

    From Cityscape to Gardens

    Sustainability is ingrained into our business operations. We are always exploring ways to reduce waste, conserve resources, and decrease our carbon emissions.

    The transformation from urban skyline to sustainable gardens is truly extraordinary. Thousands of feet of vinyl signs that once decorated Phoenix's buildings now serve a different purpose. They protect fragile plants from harsh weather, creating a beneficial situation for both the environment and local horticulturists. bluemedia’s commitment to innovative solutions underscores its progressive approach.

    A Collaborative Initiative

    bluemedia’s efforts extend beyond repurposing. They actively collaborate with over 200 organizations across the state, ensuring these vinyl signs reach those who can utilize them best. One such organization is Keep Phoenix Beautiful, a nonprofit entity consisting of volunteers and individuals. They aim to motivate individuals and organizations through leadership, active partnerships, and rewarding volunteer experiences.

    Through innovative recycling strategies and the cooperative spirit of various organizations, these previously wasteful banners and signs have been converted into protective covers for gardens and vegetables. The widespread adoption of these sustainable practices not only curtails waste but also nurtures a sense of community and collective responsibility.

    Leading with Openness

    bluemedia's commitment to sustainable solutions serves as an inspiration for businesses across the globe. Through their inventive approach to handling banners and signage, they demonstrate that waste reduction is not only feasible but can also lead to creative and impactful results. Their work stands as a beacon of hope in a world striving for a more sustainable future. Here's to more companies following their lead, converting signs into solutions.


    Oct 25, 2023 12:30:52 PM

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